The custom High Point Scoring (HPS) provided by Pete Bingham has been very successful at maintaining and improving competitor engagement with the Traveller Series since adoption in 2019.

The main feature was 'event weighting' such that scores were of greater worth towards a series position when gained from a larger turnout event.

For 2024 onwards we are returning to low point scoring, but applying a formula to retain the weighting for events.

The main benefits are firstly that it is likely easier to understand as most dinghy sail racing is scored using a low point system and secondly Series attendance reward was not present in the HPS.

Series attendance reward, or non-attendance penalisation (depending on your view) is the standard method in most series competition, where failure to gain the prescribed number of 'to count' race scores results in the missing scores being supplemented by a formulated score. I believe this will provide Series positions that more fairly reflect loyal attendance by improving and mid-fleet sailors.

Tony Bleasdale 

March 2024