Tuning & Sailing Guides

We have some great guides to share with you, both are applicable to Mk1 and Mk2 boats. There are a couple of minor differences that you need to be aware of if you are sailing a Mk1:

1) The early Giles' Mk1 is an amazingly robust boat but due to the GRP construction they are not quite as stiff where the masts sit as the later Hartley's Foam Sandwich Mk1 and Mk2 & Mk2e. This means that setting a high rig tension is not recommended on the Mark 1 as the foredeck and hull will deflect. it’s not a problem as the current trend is for relatively loose rig tensions.

2) The current recommended mast foot position from the bow forestay fitting is not achievable on some Giles Mk1 boats due to the position of the mast step, so just adjust it to get it as close as you can - it won't be far away.

3) If you like sailing with lots of rake we recommend that you fit a mast step ramp if your boat is not fitted with one already. See the modification section for more information.

The guides provided below are very extensive, we have:

  • Basic Trim Guide - covers basic settings for proper trim of the Supernova. Originally written some years ago by Richard Pakes for the Mark 1 boat, it has been updated in more recent years by Cliff Milliner to include alternative mast rake settings.
  • Secretary Pete Bingham's "Tuning and Sailing Guide", from 2018 providing a very detailed description on how to rig, set up and handle your boat - aimed at new and improving sailors who wish to get more in depth knowledge about the boat, but also great information for the more experienced.
  • Multi-National Champion winner Cliff Milliner's "Go Faster Tips" providing some valuable set up and sailing information from one of the classes best.
  • 2010 National Champion Richard Pakes "Set Up Guide", which for those of you who like to sail with a bit for mast rake than most provides Richard's settings.

Please click on the links below to access the guides