The only way to sail in style!

The Supernova is a "one design" single handed sailing dinghy of 4.3 metres length with an 8 square metre fully-battened mylar sail ...

The only way to sail in style!

... It was originally designed and built by Mark Giles (Mk 1). After a redesign by Hartley Boats and Phil Morrison, the Supernova became stiffer as the Mark 2 with better flared hull and open transom ...

The only way to sail in style!

 ... Is is now built in epoxy (Mk2e) and is a stunning and popular boat, with a roomier and drier cockpit than a Laser.

The only way to sail in style!

The Class Association celebrated 25 years in 2021 and has a growing membership of active Supernova enthusiasts.

The only way to sail in style!

The Supernova class are very friendly, welcoming and helpful, a great family but a very competitive fleet.

Did you know the first supernova Sail Number 357 is still sailing. This boat came 4th in the 2016 Nationals at Llandudno!

Our events are very popular - we get over 120 entries for our National Championships. Also we now have both North and South Open events, with combined competition in the Midlands.

The ideal weight range is between 60 and 90kgs. It's easy to sail and righting the boat after a capsize is a breeze. We also have a small sail for those extra windy days.

Did you know that the Supernova suits both recreational and racing sailors. Although a 'one design' boat, you can upgrade 'non-major' components to suit your own preferences.

Our Class membership fees are great value at only £15 per year. You can join on this website and you don't even need to own a Supernova!

The hull shape gives you a stable but exciting ride, the side-decks are comfortable, tacking and gybing is easy. On the plane, the Supernova is even more exciting Smile

The only way to sail in style!

The Association offers free training at our Training days. You can also pick up free hints and tips on this website.

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Steve Hawley takes his third open win of the year.

2023 Nationals Top 10 Article

I am excited to let you know that I have now published this year's Nationals Top 10 Hints and Tips article, it's packed with some great insights. Many, many thanks to everyone that contributed to it. You can find it HERE

Upcoming Events

CraftInsure Traveller Northern Series Open 2023

Sep 30th, Saturday, 2023

Bolton SC is a jewel of the North, out in the wilds above the city, set on Belmont Resevoir. Natural beauty abounds; club history surrounds, the local welcome is simply wonderful. But these guys can race, so the very large local Supernova fleet (2nd largest in the UK) will provide fantastic competitive sailing on epic water.

Venue: Bolton

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CraftInsure Traveller Southern Series Open 2023

Oct 14th, Saturday, 2023

Haversham SC hosts the penultimate Supernova Open Event of 2023. It is a Southern Series event, but it also counts, as do all Supernova Traveller Opens, towards the overall Traveller Series Championship results. So all are welcome to enjoy the cosy water, warm welcome and ample bar, galley and club facilities.

Food and hot drinks will be available at lunchtime and also from 0800 for the early arrivals. Camping on site is available the night before the event and can be booked on the entry form.

Please note:

A representative of the GB Non-native Species Inspectorate, part of the Animal and Plant Health Agency, an Executive Agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) will inspect the boats before they enter the water between about 0900 and 1030 to ensure no invasive species contamination occurs..

Venue: Haversham

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CraftInsure Southern Traveller Series Open 2023

Nov 4th, Saturday, 2023

Please Note, The re-scheduling of this event

Always a popular event, in the Cotswolds and convenient for a mini-break. Bring the whole family and camp or motorhome in the club grounds next to the lake.

Venue: Bowmoor

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Craftinsure Northern Traveller Series at Various

Dec 1st, Friday, 2023

Venue: Various

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Craftinsure Southern Traveller Series at Various

Dec 25th, Monday, 2023


Venue: Various

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