The only way to sail in style!

The Supernova is a "one design" single handed sailing dinghy of 4.3 metres length with an 8 square metre fully-battened mylar sail ...

The only way to sail in style!

... It was originally designed and built by Mark Giles (Mk 1). After a redesign by Hartley Boats and Phil Morrison, the Supernova became stiffer as the Mark 2 with better flared hull and open transom ...

The only way to sail in style!

 ... Is is now built in epoxy (Mk2e) and is a stunning and popular boat, with a roomier and drier cockpit than a Laser.

The only way to sail in style!

The Class Association celebrated 25 years in 2021 and has a growing membership of active Supernova enthusiasts.

The only way to sail in style!

The Supernova class are very friendly, welcoming and helpful, a great family but a very competitive fleet.

Did you know the first supernova Sail Number 357 is still sailing. This boat came 4th in the 2016 Nationals at Llandudno!

Our events are very popular - we get over 120 entries for our National Championships. Also we now have both North and South Open events, with combined competition in the Midlands.

The ideal weight range is between 60 and 90kgs. It's easy to sail and righting the boat after a capsize is a breeze. We also have a small sail for those extra windy days.

Did you know that the Supernova suits both recreational and racing sailors. Although a 'one design' boat, you can upgrade 'non-major' components to suit your own preferences.

Our Class membership fees are great value at only £15 per year. You can join on this website and you don't even need to own a Supernova!

The hull shape gives you a stable but exciting ride, the side-decks are comfortable, tacking and gybing is easy. On the plane, the Supernova is even more exciting Smile

The only way to sail in style!

The Association offers free training at our Training days. You can also pick up free hints and tips on this website.

Latest news

2021 National Top 10 settings, hints and tips

So here it is, the article you have all been waiting for. Grab a cup of tea or a beer and a note pad and settle in for a great read from the best in the fleet. Thank you to everyone who contributed, it is a really interesting read and echos the inclusive nature of the class in the way that our top sailors are willing to share their tips and thoughts on what was a great event in plymouth back in July Cool CLICK HERE

Rudder Winglets Modification

Hi everyone, I hope you have all had a great summer and are now enjoy some autumn sailing. I have been meaning to post this article for a while to introduce you all to the "Rudder Winglet" that was initially introduced by Matt Biggs at the 2020 inlands.  The Winglets are a class legal modification and may help to prevent rubber caviation that some of us experience in certain conditions when its a bit windier.  Take a look and see if its something you fancy giving a try - Just Click Here

I am still working on the Nationals top 10 article - keep an eye out as it should be coming soon!!!!

Upcoming Events

Supernova Winter Championships

Feb 19th, Saturday, 2022

The Supernova Season starts with the traditional Bowmoor SC Winter Championships

A great event at a fantastic club.

Venue: Bowmoor

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Noble Marine Traveller Southern Series 2022

Mar 12th, Saturday, 2022

The 2022 Noble Marine Traveller Southern Series begins on the 12th March at Cotswold Sailing Club.

A great venue and the home club of the 2021 Nationals winning team, so top competition is guaranteed.

Bring your own beverages if anything stronger than tea and coffee is required but be assured, the welcome, food and refreshment at the club, will be excellent.

The club can be open for Friday night campervan and camping / boat drop off arrivals; please direct your access queries to: Cliff Milliner 07899 940872

The club is 10 minutes away from The Cotswolds so consider combining a top sailing event with sight-seeing in one of the UKs most picturesque locations. Cirencester is a wonderful local town, well worth visiting by day or night!

Venue: Cotswold

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Noble Marine Traveller Combined Event (Northern and Southern) Series 2022

Mar 20th, Sunday, 2022

The first combined 2022 Traveller Series Event of 2022 (In both the North and South Series) is at one of the core class clubs, Bartley SC.

Bartley SC hosts one of the largest fleets of the Supernova Class and so the turnouts and competion are always top drawer..

The large water allows classic courses and the club is very accessible from the M5 and M42.

The club also has excellent galley and club house facilities.

Venue: Bartley

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Noble Marine Traveller Southern Series 2022

Apr 2nd, Saturday, 2022

Bough Beech SC, an Iconic and historic club is host to the Supernova Southern fleet in April 2022.

The Supernovas are just one fleet of many classes to be hosted at this excellently provisioned club annually.

Both the idylic setting of the club and expertise of the hosting team at Bough Beech SC guarantees this event is well worth a visit from all the Supernova Travellers.

Bar and Galley facilities are available.

The club can be open on Friday evening if access is required for boat drop off or campervan (only) camping please contact Richard Lambert at

Venue: Bough Beech

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Noble Marine Traveller Northern Series 2022

Apr 9th, Saturday, 2022

Scammonden Water SC is a fabulous club with an Open and National event engaged small home Supernova fleet.

The club is set in one of the most picturesque lakes in the series.

The Fleet always recieve a warm welcome; great bar and galley services; amazing walks around the lake, and the most challenging Inland water that the class will ever sail.

If you can come here and beat the locals then respect to you!

So if you want to notch up a real challenge, but also bask in all things that make a sailing venue special, this Open will deliver!

Camping can be available from Friday evening.

Please contact Michael Goodwin :

Venue: Scammonden Water

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Noble Marine Traveller Northern Series 2022 Class Coaching (Open to all Class members)

Apr 22nd, Friday, 2022

This is the first of two class coaching events for 2022.

Details to be posted in due course.

Venue: Chelmarsh SC

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Noble Marine Traveller Northern Series 2022

Apr 23rd, Saturday, 2022

Chelmarsh SC is home to one of the most recently engaged and growing Supernova fleets.

The club has an excellent stretch of water and is situated in glorious Shropshire; near to Bridgenorth and Ironbridge, not to be missed by any travellers wishing to see a beautiful part of England.

As well as really good water the club has excellent facilities:

Camping is confirmed as available on site for tents and campervans from Thursday evening of the 21st April to Saturday evening of the 23rd April, allowing visitors to engage with the clubs very warm welcome; for free class training (with RYA Class Coach Andy Kerr) on Friday 22nd April; Northern Traveller Series Event Class racing on Saturday 23rd April, and even club racing (or local exploration of beautiful Shropshire) on Sunday 24th April.

The Chelmarsh growing Supernova fleet enjoyed a fantastic inaugural event in 2021, with 19 competitors, including 14 visitors.

The event will of course be Covid 19 compliant to the contemporary regulations in force nationally and at the club..

Galley and bar facilities will be available for the whole weekend; details to be confirmed.

Chelmarsh cordially welcomes the Supernova Class to it's water and invites any queries to be directed to the Supernova Fleet Captain, David Bibby at <>

Venue: Chelmarsh SC

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Noble Marine Traveller Northern Series 2022

May 14th, Saturday, 2022

Bolton SC is a fantastic club, out in the wilds above the city, set on Belmont Resevoir; natural beauty abounds; club history surrounds, the local welcome is simply wonderful. But these guys can race, so the very large local Supernova fleet (2nd largest in the UK) will provide fantastic competitive sailing.

Camping, bar and galley will be available.

Further details to follow.

Venue: Bolton

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Noble Marine Traveller Southern Series 2022

May 21st, Saturday, 2022

Exmouth SC is a fabulous sea or estuary venue for a Supernova Traveller Open; being both picturesque and well equiped.

There are many wonderful coastal places to visit nearby.

So this is a really good event to practice your sea sailing AND visit in some of the most beautiful English coastal towns.

Excellent local competition too :-)

More details to follow.


Venue: Exe

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Noble Marine Traveller Combined Event (Northern and Southern) Series 2022

Jun 5th, Sunday, 2022

Carsington Water is a fabulous expansive lake, which combines with the top class facilities to guarantee good competition and a great turnout.

More details to follow.

Venue: Carsington

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Noble Marine Traveller Northern Series 2022

Jun 18th, Saturday, 2022

Winsford Flash SC has an enthusiastic growing Supernova fleet.

The club has a 90 Acre lake and is situated in the 'Cheshire Broads' so is an ideal challenge for inland sailors.

Camping for vans and tents is available on site.

Galley, bar and full shower and changing facilities will be available.

The club has just celebrated its 90th year providing sailing challenges and services to it's members and the local community.

The club facilities are to a very good quality, and the club is experienced in hosting vibrant fleet open meetings.

2022 will be the inaugural Supernova Traveller Series event at Winsford Flash SC.



Venue: Winsford Flash

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Supernova National Championships

Jul 1st, Friday, 2022

Plas Heli is the Welsh national Sailing Centre.

A fabulous venue with a sheltered launching beech adjoining the idylic Cardigan bay sailing area.

Good on-site camping facilities for tents and campervans.

Good social event facilities on site, and many local beauty spots to visit on the famous Llyn Peninisula, including Abersoch, just a few miles away..


Venue: Plas Heli- The Welsh National Sailing Centre

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Noble Marine Traveller Southern Series 2022

Jul 16th, Saturday, 2022

This popular South Eastern event is a firm favourite of many and generally enjoys a competitive turnout. Camping is available for early arrivals and boat drop off on Friday evening; See the NOR for event and contact details.

Venue: Hunts

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Noble Marine Traveller Northern Series 2022

Jul 23rd, Saturday, 2022

The Club is centrally located, just 15 minutes off the A1 in Nottinghamshire.

The Club has an 80 Acre (sailable) challenging inland pot, ideal for most of our class sailors.

Campervans and tents are welcome; please contact Tony Bleasdale, or  07950 255747 for access.

Changing rooms and WCs will be available.

Bar services are available and Galley services will be advised on the day.

Venue: Girton

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Noble Marine Traveller Combined Event (Northern and Southern) Series 2022

Aug 13th, Saturday, 2022

Burton SC is a well loved, nationally central venue, with good facilities and great water.


Venue: Burton

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Inland Championship

Sep 3rd, Saturday, 2022

Blithfield SC is the Location for the 2022 Supernova Inland Nationals.

Camping is available on-site for campervans and tents.

Galley and bar services will be available.


Venue: Blithfield

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Noble Marine Traveller Northern Series 2022

Sep 17th, Saturday, 2022

Attenborough SC is home to Nottinghamshire's biggest travelling Supernova fleet.

It is a fabulously challenging venue with possibly the most interesting courses 'around the islands' on the circuit.

The local Supernova sailors always combine with travellers near and far for a good turnout.

New, well appointed club house facilities are available on site.


On site camping is available on requests; galley and bar services, plus a very friendly welcome is generally included.

Venue: Attenborough

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Noble Marine Traveller Combined Event (Northern and Southern) Series 2022

Oct 1st, Saturday, 2022

The final 'joined at the hip' combined Northern and Southern Traveller event will be held at Ogston SC.

This iconic water has all the facilities and Open Meeting experience available.

Galley, Bar, on-site camping etc. all will be announced here in due course.

Venue: Ogston SC

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Noble Marine Traveller Southern Series 2022 Class Coaching (Open to all Class members)

Oct 14th, Friday, 2022

Southern Series Class Coaching (open to all class members)

2021 Supernova Class National Champion and RYA Class Coach, Alistair Goodwin, will lead the coaching.


Venue: Haversham

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Noble Marine Traveller Southern Series 2022

Oct 15th, Saturday, 2022

Haversham SC hosts a classic Supernova South Midlands Open Event, and all are welcome to enjoy the cosy water, warm welcome and ample ber, galley and club facilities.

Venue: Haversham

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Noble Marine Traveller Southern Series 2022

Oct 22nd, Saturday, 2022

Always a popular event, in the Cotswolds and convenient for a mini-break. Bring the whole family and camp or motorhome in the club grounds next to the lake.

Sailing and camping must be pre-booked on the website.

Excellent facilities are all available.

Bowmoor has a strong home fleet of approximately 16 Supernovas and so a good local turnout is likely.

Venue: Bowmoor

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