Supernova Owners Manuals

Please find below Owner's Manuals for both the Mk1 and Mk2 Supernova.  The Mk2 manual is the current manual put together by Hartley Boats, with the Mk1 manual being the original manual handed out by Mark Giles.  Both provide provide some great information on the boats with the Mk1 manual providing a great perpective on where it all started.  The manuals are provided in following sections.

Mk2 Owners Manual

'Unfold The Supernova' is a 12-page Owners Manual produced by Hartley Boats (Supernova Builders) to help you rig and sail your Supernova dinghy.

Originally produced in 2011 as a colour fold-out booklet (hence the name), it's a fantastic package of information for any new owner but it also has some great articles for those of us that have been around the boat for a while. It's well worth a look, Thank you to Hartley Boats for this amazing package of information.

In 2 parts:

Part A:

  • Front Cover
  • Page 1: Parts of the Supernova and definition of terms used
  • Page 2: Control Lines - Part A
  • Page 3: Control Lines - Part B
  • Page 4: Towing and Protecting your boat in transit

Part B:

  • Page 5: Safety Points - Useful Advice
  • Page 6: General Information about the Supernova - Builder's Notes
  • Page 7: Splicing - end to end control lines  Dyneema eye splicing
  • Page 8: Points of Sailing
  • Page 9: Sail Settings and Trim
  • Page 10: Balancing the Boat, Downwind, Reaching and Running
  • Page 11: Basic Trim Guide and Settings
  • Page 12: Back Cover

Mk1 Owners Manual

We have managed to recover the original 'Giles' Mk1 owner's manual. This was originally given by Mark Giles to owners of the Giles' built Mk1 boats and is of historic interest.

Also available is the original leaflet handed out at events and boat shows etc to promote the then 'new class'. Interestingly the flyer shows a young Gavin Young in his first Supernova #394.