Supernova Class Rules and Constitution


The Rules and the Constitution of the Supernova Class Association were given a major rewrite in 2018 by the Committee. Following discussion with the Builder Hartley Boats and Class members, a vote of acceptance was carried unanimously at a Special General Meeting held at the National Championships on 8 July 2018.

The latest Class Rule update specifies the requirements for Sail Numbers as the trial using alternative sail number colours has been completed (Section 8.10).

Also specified in Appendix 3 is the Class adoption the RYA Racing Charter. This allows the use of 'Advisory Hearings' as a means of resolving on the water disputes. This is as an alternative to formal protesting. Other minor changes have been made.

The most recent update has revised sections 6.7 and 8.10 to acknowledge the fact that Hartley boats are now also the sail manufacturer, this was previoulsy Jeckells. We have removed the restriction on changng sails during events and have tidied up the wording around sail numbers. Your your attention is brought to the sail numbers themselves which must be bought from the Builder to enable the class to move forwards with a common font and to ensure all replacement numbers comply with the class rules.

The updated (and therefore current) documents can be downloaded as a PDF below.

Class Rules V8.0 29 May 2022
CONSTITUTION 22 August 2021