Loan Boat 1315 - Photo Courtesy of Peter Mackin

Try A Supernova For Free!

Supernova Dinghy Loan Boat
Photo Courtesy of Peter Mackin

We at the Supernova Class Association realise that you want to try a boat before you commit your hard earned money, but does a brief few hours give you enough of an insight into a given boat? We don't think so. New in 2022 is our brand new Class owned MK2e Supernova 1315.

The Supernova Class Association took delivery of it following its debut at the National Championships in which it came 3rd!

Supernova 1315 is available to borrow in 3 week blocks. The boat is not only for use by potential new owners but by all class members and may be ideal for anyone considering upgrading to a MK2. 

1315 was a brand new boat, built by Hartley Boats in 2022, and comes with all the features you'd expect of a latest-build Supernova. 

A stayed, foredeck mounted, aluminium mast supports an eight square metre fully battened mylar sail loose footed on a stiff alloy boom with track attachments for mainsheet blocks, kicker and clew outhaul. This results in a powerful rig that can be controlled by three lines, kicker, clew outhaul and cunningham, easily adjusted while sailing so that the rig can be altered to suit a wide range of crew weight (60 - 90 Kg) and depowered as wind strengths increase. The hull volume and shape contributes a stable platform for the rig and with little tendency to bury the bow or to gripe to windward. The overall sailing characteristics are safe and predictable. The boat sails well to its 1077 Portsmouth Yardstick handicap when sailed flat and competes well in a mixed handicap fleet. 

Photo Courtesy of Peter Mackin

While the Supernova is fundamentally easy to sail it is a demanding boat to sail well. A strict one design as far as hull, sail plan and foils are concerned there is some freedom to adjust fittings and cordage. Even with only three control lines there are many permutations to try and the adjustments possible to rig tension and mast and spreader positions add to the possible variations. The boom is relatively high and the open transom provides a roomy, quick draining cockpit. With a standard arrangement of the centre main sheet and the side deck control lines all adjustments come easily to hand. The dagger board too can be easily adjusted in vertical position while sailing and for launching or recovery does not foul the boom when no longer protruding through the bottom of the boat. The rudder blade is of pivoting design with both up and down hauls cleated on the tiller.

While the sail powers up rapidly and unlike a soft sail does not happily feather into the wind, the transition onto the plane is progressive and very smooth. Fore and aft crew weight position is not particularly critical. Capsizing presents few difficulties with the reduced buoyancy side tanks allowing the boat to float lower in the water. The sealed mast tends to limit any tendency to turn turtle and little weight is needed to right the boat. From the water it is easy to reach the toe strap or slide in through the open transom to permit a quick reentry. The cockpit is free of water after capsize recovery.

SN1315 comes with the added benefit of the latest Hartley sails, one full size and another smaller for lighter helms and strong weather. Both the standard and small size will come with the boat for the loan so try both and see how you get on!

  • Hull length 4.39m
  • Beam 1.5m
  • Hull weight 50kg
  • Mainsail 8.22m sq
  • Reduced main 6.86m sq
  • Mast length 5.6m