Supernova National Championships 2014 at Dovey Yacht Club - Day 2


Cardigan Bay was wall to wall sunshine for the second day of the Supernova Nationals. The spectacular scenery of the area was a sight to behold as the fleet of 60 plus boats sailed out of Aberdovey Estuary and in to the bay to sail four more intense races in this hotly contested championships.

The winds were much lighter today and in a westerly direction, allowing PRO Rupert Tildesley to set a large triangle sausage course for the first two races, and a sausage, trapezoid for the final two races of the day.

Race 4

The start favoured the port end as the tide was flooding and it paid to be on the port side of the race course. During the first beat first place changed hands several times. The top six consisted of Cliff Milliner, Gavin Young, Richard Pakes, Tim Hand, Alex Collins and Duncan Adams. This group rounded the windward mark close together. But Cliff and Alex pulled clear, leaving the rest to scrap it out for the remainder of the top ten places. It now looked as if Cliff Milliner had found his form which won him the championship last year. It finished Cliff Milliner, followed by junior sailors Alex Collins and then Peter Mackin both from Bolton SC.

Race 5

The second race of the day started and again the port side favoured although a few were over at the start. Once again Milliner took the lead closely followed by Alex Collins. Brothers Mike and Tony Critchley from Bolton SC found their speed. The individual recall signal saw Mark Hartley return to the line putting him out of contention in this race. The race continued with little place changes and with a dying wind the finish came at the right time. Milliner scored his second bullet of the day, followed by, fellow Cotswold sailor and last years runner up Gavin Young, then came Mike Critchley and Duncan Adams (sporting his pink rudder), and Tony Critchley.

Race 6

The race began on a very even start line. The top contenders started at both port and starboard end of the line. Once again Milliner came out on top at the windward mark closely followed by Andy Flitcroft and then Alex Collins, Gavin Young and then Mark Hartley and Duncan Adams. The wind had increased slightly for this race and there were a few more shifts up the beat making for very interesting racing. The race finished Milliner, Hartley, Flitcroft, Collins, Young and then class chairman Paul Earnshaw from Haversham getting his best result so far.

Race 7

The final race of the day saw the lightest winds. Milliner had so far been on a role, the conditions to his liking. But it was not to be a fourth straight win. Mike Critchley from Bolton SC sailed a storming first beat keeping to the port side of the course to be well clear at the windward mark, a lead which he kept until the end. Milliner scored second, with past champion Norman Halstead from Roadford lake SC scoring his best result of the series in third. Mike Gibson came in fourth, followed by Gavin Young.

So at the end of the second day Cliff Milliner had taken the overall lead from Mark Hartley, followed closely by junior sailor Alex Collins.

Mike Gibson was first master, Steve Johnson first Veteran. Youth sailor Peter Mackin was leading the Silver fleet at his first Supernova event.

Sunday sees the final three races, with similar winds forecast as was seen today.

Cliff Milliner & Mark Hartley currently both hold two previous Supernova championship wins. Will either of them make it a third, or can Alex Collins or Gavin Young take the victory?

Results after Day 2: (seven races, 1 discard)

PosHelmCrewSail NoR1R2R3R4R5R6R7Pts
1Cliff MillinerCotswold S C ‑ Standard ‑ Gold10791063111214
2Mark HartleyBlithfield ‑  Gold ‑ Standard110811261121022
3Alex CollinsBolton S C ‑ Junior ‑ Gold10882712741323
4Gavin YoungCotswold S C ‑ Standard ‑ Gold1104485425525
5Duncan AdamsAttenborough S C ‑ Standard ‑ Gold11115341149631
6Mike GibsonBartley S C ‑ Master ‑ Gold104782781212441
7Richard PakesHaversham S C ‑ Master ‑ Gold666651351915751
8Andy FlitcroftBolton S C ‑ Standard ‑ Gold10711318117931154
9Mike CritchleyBolton S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver10942214621238160
10Peter MackinBolton S C ‑ Junior ‑ Silver11123106236281262
11Norman HalsteadRoadford Lake S C ‑ Master ‑ Gold1061799222114363
12Tony CritchleyBolton S C ‑ Master ‑ Gold10746212695112366
13Paul UndrellHaversham S C ‑ Master ‑ Gold10601648201671667
14Tim HandSASC ‑  Gold ‑ Standard103014116210818970
15Paul KellyAttenborough S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver11021717161320101992
16Gary CawthornAttenborough S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver687252123151316896
17Tom ChadfieldBlithfield ‑ Master ‑ Silver10821226171415132897
18Chris HawleyBartley SC 110015131019302222101
19Steve HawleyBartley S C ‑ Standard ‑ Gold70521161216362615106
20Matt WilliamsCotswold S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver107326151418382014107
21Paul EarnshawHaversham S C ‑ Master ‑ Gold10341162621710620126
22Iain WilsonBlackpool and Fleetwood S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver5769621836222326134
23Steve JohnsonCotswold S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Gold104229232643532127169
24Simon RobinsPorthpean S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver107233202028454329173
25Geoff TurnerFishguard Bay S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver58738621926371942181
26Kevin LastAttenborough S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver107724276234292547186
27Garry ButterfieldBartley S C ‑ Master ‑ Gold107830621562251738187
28Brian SmithBowmoor S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver70331223037445024188
29Robin KirbyCotswold S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver111018626223142450191
30James LeckieBartley S C ‑ Silver ‑ StandardRED19192746285262191
31Phil DaviesScammonden S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver105227626227313017194
32Mike MalcolmHaversham S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver61334622535323832196
33Jon PebodyHunts S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver72323626233182734197
34Shaun SmaleWGCSC ‑ Master ‑ Silver109136302848264436200
35Lewis BrailsfordSutton in Ashfield S C ‑ Junior ‑ SilverLUE32626221244230211
36Warren MitchellSnettisham Beach S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver101639242447473740211
37Mike WalkerBowmoor S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver69228312156483352213
38Ian BarlowAttenborough S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver70262296229174533215
39Sam HoodCotswold S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver104637626242233137232
40Alan BullSeafarers ‑ Master ‑ Silver60120256250524941237
41John WalpoleExe SC 109362626226354018243
42Gordon TweedleHaversham S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver69135282951565853252
43Robert CeurstemontAttenborough S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver107562626240413225262
44Dave HarrisSevern S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver103862626232582921264
45Pete BinghamBowmoor S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver106862622238435644265
46Ian CasewellReading S C Veteran105762626224393449270
47John BanbrookBowmoor S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver106962626245343535273
48Chris WattsBough Beech S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver105962626244275431280
49Keith RixChipstead S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver106362626230503646286
50Tom BaldwinCarsington S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver59562626241425539301
51Roger PrinceBolton S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver47962626231513962307
52Peter MayBolton S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver68062626239464854311
53Eddie WaringBolton S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver102462326255495962319
54Rob CornerAttenborough S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver109062626254334762320
55Stephen SwainHaversham S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver100762626249604643322
56Joe BaconCarsington S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver42562626253574151326
57Donald AppletonBolton S C ‑  Gold ‑ Veteran102262626252545145326
58Dave BexsonAttenborough S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver68462626258405355330
59Geoff DitchfieldBolton S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver62462626262555748346
60Hedley DowlerCotswold S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver39062626257596062362
61Mervyn JonesCotswold S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver103662626262626262372

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