Supernova National Championships 2014 at Dovey Yacht Club - Day 1

61 enthusiastic entries have descended on Aberdovey, mid Wales for the Supernova Nationals. A record entry was greeted by a forecast of 30 knots gusts on the Friday, with the wind expected to drop as the weekend progresses.

With three races scheduled today the PRO elected to run the races within the Dovey Estuary, giving a fantastic spectacular view for all who were on the beach. This also avoided the need to cross the bar at the entrance to the estuary, which did appear a tad angry in the strong south westerly breeze.

Most entries made the start line for the first race, which was the windiest of the day. It quickly became apparent that this year there was likely to be some fierce competition throughout the fleet. There are many new faces and a fantastically wide age range, with the youngest being Lewis Brailsford at 15 from Sutton in Ashfield SC. The youth element within the fleet stamped their mark on the event early with some excellent results.

Consistency was going to be key with many names capable of being top of the fleet including over half a dozen National champions.

Race one

The starboard end of the line was favoured with a strong tide flowing into the estuary. The fleet started first time and split into two sides, trying to avoid the strong current in the middle of the course. The port side seem to pay and at the windward buoy Mark Hartley of Blithfield SC sailing his new boat led the fleet followed by youth sailor Alex Collins from Bolton SC.

Race two

The tide was now ebbing causing a number of recalls as the tide pushed the fleet over the line. The race finally got underway under a black flag. The centre of the beat was now favoured to take advantage of the strong tide. Positions at the windward mark saw Duncan Adams from Attenborough SC take the lead around the mark followed by Cliff Milner, Gavin Young, Robin Kirby all from Cotswold SC and Mark Hartley. From here there was a number of position changes and a few circles taking place, Hartley took off leaving the rest of the pack to fight it out. On the last mark Mike Gibson did a cheeky manoeuvre and took second from Duncan Adams.

Race Three

With the tide leaving the area very fast, the course got moved to do deeper waters. With a clean get away Alex Collins, Mark Hartley, Peter Machin, Bolton SC and Tim Hand Sutton in Ashfield SC rounded in the top flight. With a few places changes this saw a very good days sailing come to an end with Alex Collins, Mark Hartley, Peter Machin, Cliff Milliner, Duncan Adams and Gavin Young all in the mix.

Results for the day were still being decided late into the evening as the race team checked for any Black flag penalties.

With four more races on the cards tomorrow and a lighter 8-12 knot breeze, will there be a different group at the front?

Results after day 1:

PosHelmDetailsSail NoR1R2R3Pts
1Mark HartleyBlithfield ‑  Gold ‑ Standard11081124
2Alex CollinsBolton S C ‑ Junior ‑ Gold108827110
3Duncan AdamsAttenborough S C ‑ Standard ‑ Gold111153412
4Mike GibsonBartley S C ‑ Master ‑ Gold104782717
5Gavin YoungCotswold S C ‑ Standard ‑ Gold110448517
6Cliff MillinerCotswold S C ‑ Standard ‑ Gold1079106319
7Richard PakesHaversham S C ‑ Master ‑ Gold666651324
8Norman HalsteadRoadford Lake S C ‑ Master ‑ Gold106179925
9Paul UndrellHaversham S C ‑ Master ‑ Gold1060164828
10Chris HawleyBartley SC 110015131038
11Andy FlitcroftBolton S C ‑ Standard ‑ Gold107113181142
12Steve HawleyBartley S C ‑ Standard ‑ Gold70521161249
13Paul KellyAttenborough S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver110217171650
14Tom ChadfieldBlithfield ‑ Master ‑ Silver108212261755
15Matt WilliamsCotswold S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver107326151455
16James LeckieBartley S C ‑ Silver ‑ StandardRED19192765
17Gary CawthornAttenborough S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver68725212369
18Simon RobinsPorthpean S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver107233202073
19Peter MackinBolton S C ‑ Junior ‑ Silver11123106275
20Steve JohnsonCotswold S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Gold104229232678
21Tony CritchleyBolton S C ‑ Master ‑ Gold10746212680
22Mike WalkerBowmoor S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver69228312180
23Brian SmithBowmoor S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver70331223083
24Tim HandSASC ‑  Gold ‑ Standard103014116287
25Warren MitchellSnettisham Beach S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver101639242487
26Iain WilsonBlackpool and Fleetwood S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver5769621889
27Gordon TweedleHaversham S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver69135282992
28Shaun SmaleWGCSC ‑ Master ‑ Silver109136302894
29Mike CritchleyBolton S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver109422146298
30Garry ButterfieldBartley S C ‑ Master ‑ Gold1078306215107
31Alan BullSeafarers ‑ Master ‑ Silver601202562107
32Kevin LastAttenborough S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver1077242762113
33Geoff TurnerFishguard Bay S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver587386219119
34Mike MalcolmHaversham S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver613346225121
35Paul EarnshawHaversham S C ‑ Master ‑ Gold1034116262135
36Robin KirbyCotswold S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver1110186262142
37Pete BinghamBowmoor S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver1068626222146
38Jon PebodyHunts S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver723236262147
39Phil DaviesScammonden S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver1052276262151
40Ian BarlowAttenborough S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver702622962153
41Lewis BrailsfordSutton in Ashfield S C ‑ Junior ‑ SilverLUE326262156
42Eddie WaringBolton S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver1024623262156
43Sam HoodCotswold S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver1046376262161
44Roger PrinceBolton S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver479626262186
45Ian CasewellReading S C Veteran1057626262186
46Dave HarrisSevern S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver1038626262186
47Stephen SwainHaversham S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver1007626262186
48Rob CornerAttenborough S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver1090626262186
49Joe BaconCarsington S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver425626262186
50John BanbrookBowmoor S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver1069626262186
51John WalpoleExe SC 1093626262186
52Hedley DowlerCotswold S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver390626262186
53Donald AppletonBolton S C ‑  Gold ‑ Veteran1022626262186
54Dave BexsonAttenborough S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver684626262186
55Chris WattsBough Beech S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver1059626262186
56Tom BaldwinCarsington S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver595626262186
57Geoff DitchfieldBolton S C ‑ Master ‑ Silver624626262186
58Peter MayBolton S C ‑ Standard ‑ Silver680626262186
59Keith RixChipstead S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver1063626262186
60Robert CeurstemontAttenborough S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver1075626262186
61Mervyn JonesCotswold S C ‑ Veteran ‑ Silver1036626262186

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