Sail update and Hartley Boats special offers




Dear members

Sail changes - full sail

We wanted to provide an update on the developments with the Supernova sail.  

You may have heard that the suppliers of the current cloth have discontinued the cloth and there is only very limited stock left.  Accordingly Hartley Boats have been working with their suppliers to find a suitable replacement.

A test sail was provided to the Association for official testing, and the longevity of that fabric was questionable.  This helpful feedback from our members was passed to the Hartleys.

We are pleased to say that Hartley Boats considered the views of the members and have selected an alternative fabric which appears to have much better longevity.  There are no plans for changes to the cut or shape of the sail.

The new sails will come into production towards the end of the year when the current fabric has run out.

There is an increase in cost of the sail and Hartley Boats have asked us to circulate the attached flyer regarding an introductory discount they are offering only to Association members.

Sail changes - small sail

A few months ago one of our members asked us to get the small sail improved and made more formal (the current rules just say less than 8sqm).  Improving the small sail would allow a wider range of conditions to be sailed in competitively, as well as encouraging lighter helms to join the class.

As a result a brief was prepared and passed to Hartley Boats for consideration.  They have now developed a new formal small sail which will be written into the rules with official measurements in due course.

Whilst the Association have not seen or tested the new sail, we understand it is a significant improvement on the current small sails and will be fully battened.

There have been a number of pre-orders for the small sail and those members will receive their new sail at the nationals.

Hartley Boats are also taking some additional small sails to the nationals in case any member wishes to purchase one on the introductory offer (see attached) – once again Association members only.

Trade in offer

Hartley Boats have also prepared a trade in schedule only for Association members, which we have agreed to circulate to all of the Association members.  Please see the attached and speak directly to Hartley Boats if you wanted to discuss any of their offers.

Many thanks

Supernova Committee

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