RYA Dinghy show roundup


For the 20th anniversary of the class, The Supernova Dinghy Class Association decided to attend the RYA Dinghy show to celebrate and promote both the classes anniversary, and also the recent achievements the class has had. Going to the dinghy show for the first time in the Classes history, the committee and members who helped out on the stand did not know how popular the stand was going to be attending this event but were pleasantly surprised to find out that there is more and more interest in this brilliant class than originally thought.

Over the 2 days our helpers took questions from people who had just started sailing but were very interested in getting into the class, current owners looking to attend more events, people looking to switch from other classes and also seasoned Supernova sailors who wanted to have a chat about the boat. All ages and abilities found their way to the Supernova stand which generally sparked a keen interest in the boat and the class as a whole with many people returning more than once to the stand to talk more about the fleet.

One of the most common questions we were asked was “How big is the fleet?” and it was great to see the reactions of the people. In recent years the classes numbers have increased dramatically from 56 boats at the 2013 nationals to 120 boats at the 2016 nationals and also with regular open turnouts of 30+ boats. The rise of the class in such a short amount of time is gradually being recognised and we aim to keep on improving as much as we can.

The general message that came across from all of these different people is that the Supernova has really emerged as a boat for sailors at any level. With a very active race series throughout the year and also a very nice social side to the class, the class has become a great all rounder for people wanting to get as much as possible out of their sailing and to enjoy the sport that we all share a passion for.

Working with our class sponsors Zhik, Allen, Noble Marine, Hartley Boats and Oxford carriers, we hope to progress and improve the class more and more not only for our long standing members but also for our new members who discovered the Supernova over the Dinghy Show weekend.

The popularity of the Supernova was also evident at the Hartley Boats stand as the builders of the Supernova were enjoying new orders for this fantastic boat.

A thank you goes out to all of the people who helped organise the Supernova stand and who came to the show to help the class out.

Alex Collins

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