2019 Noble Marine Traveller Series Results to date Published

The Traveller Results to date are now published and can be seen in the December section of the Events Results.

At the nearly halfway point we have already had 73 entries.

This year we are using a custom Class Committee developed high point system weighted to reward results based on fleet size.

This is to encourage the fleet Stars to attend more events as performance is rewarded to a greater extent than attendance.

The aim is to improve relevance and competitiveness in the Traveller Series; if our best sailors engage then the turnouts and competition will be better for all.

These efforts are in combination with monitoring Traveller venue sailors engagement, and searching out and introducing new venues with Supernova fleets to develop.

It is a balancing act, but already it is evident that Top Sailors with just a few results are still in touch with the top of the table, and just a few more appearances can make all the difference.

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