2017 AGM


The  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Supernova Class Association will take place on Saturday 2nd September 2017 after racing (no earlier than 5:30pm) at:
Northampton Sailing Club, Pitsford Reservoir, Brixworth, Northants, NN6 9DG
Any items for AoB (Any other Business) should be notified to The Secretary no later than midnight on Saturday 26th August 2017.  In the event that no items for AOB (Any other Business) have been received, items not on the agenda may be brought up at the meeting and discussed at the Chairman’s discretion. However, it is unlikely that any voting on them would take place due to inadequate time for proper consideration.
The minutes for the 2016 AGM are available on the Supernova Association Website (Association section - AGM).


Annual General Meeting 2017 - AGENDA


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the 2016 AGM
  3. Matters Arising


  • Update on Direct Debit membership options - Treasurer
  • Age category definition – Race Co-ordinator


  1. Race Co-ordinator’s report
  2. Treasurer's Report
  3. Technical Advisor’s Report


  • Update on full sail changes
  • Update on small sail changes


  1. Chairman’s Report
  2. Builder’s report
  3. Secretary’s Report
  4. Election of Committee Members
  5. Any Other Business (See Appendix 1)


  • Proposal for definition of family membership
  • Proposal for sail number usage
  • Enquiry regarding transom drainage for Mark 1s
  • Updates to Constitution and Rules 

Election of Committee Members (current Committee in parentheses)
Chairman (Chris Hawley), Secretary (Pete Bingham),Treasurer (Ian Casewell), Race Coordinator (Tony Bleasdale), Technical Officer (Cliff Milliner), Publicity Officer (Robin Kirby), Website Manager (Gary Cottam).
As usual, we will be electing the Committee for the coming year.  Nominations are required for Publicity Officer.  A brief description of the role is shown in Appendix 2.
Any member wishing to nominate a person for election as an Officer or Committee Member should note that the nomination requires seconding by another member and signing by the nominee in order to be valid, but due to the far flung nature of the class we will permit seconding and Nominees signature to be taken on the day.
A form for Committee nominations can be obtained from Pete Bingham and must be returned by Saturday 25th August 2016.
Proposal for definition of family membership
The Committee proposes that the family membership category is clarified as follows:

“Family membership covers all named supernova owners who are living at the same address.  Where multiple owners do not meet the Youth definition, any additional owners (above the main member in the family membership) must be in a cohabiting relationship (i.e. partner/spouse) with the main member or be in full time education. There is no limit to the number of owners that can be included in the family membership.”

A vote will be carried out to see if the Committee’s proposal is acceptable
This is being proposed to provide a clearer structure as the number of related members in the association is increasing.
Proposal for sail number usage
The Committee proposes that for Championship events the registered number of the Supernova is displayed on the sail(s) used during the event and must use black sail numbers (other than special colours awarded by the Committee from time to time).
A vote will be carried out to see if the Committee’s proposal is acceptable
This is being proposed to help with prizes / results at Championship events, as well as providing a more robust structure in our growing fleet (say to stop 2 members trying to use the same sail number).
Enquiry regarding transom drainage for Mark 1s
A member has enquired whether it would be possible to retrospectively amend a Mark 1 to increase the transom drainage (for example adding a much wider drainage hole).  The purpose of this is to make Mark 1s more competitive on sea sailing, making entry level boats more accessible.  The Committee understands this is a low cost modification (<£100).
The Committee has considered many factors including:

  • at least 2 Mark 1s have had a slightly wider drainage hole fitted
  • amending the hull would involve changing a “major component”
  • this could cause inequality between Mark 1s (mark 1 prizes at some events)
  • this could cause requests of other modifications to major components
  • the potential structural impact

The Committee proposes amending the Rules to allow minor amendment as follows:
“The transom drainage hole in a Mark 1 can be increased in size to a maximum of 50mm in diameter – no change to the setup of the drainage system are permitted.”
A vote will be carried out to see if the Committee’s proposal is acceptable
Updates to Constitution and Rules
The Committee continues to consider how best to update the Constitution and Rules and is in discussions with Harley Boats regarding this matter.
Any changes will be proposed at a future AGM (or EGM) as appropriate.
No vote or decisions are required on this point at the AGM


Publicity Officer

The publicity officer needs to be someone who is motivated to improve the external image of the Supernova.
The key roles include updating Facebook, the Association Website and being the channel of information going to Yachts and Yachting - making sure our sponsors get the credit they deserve.  The publicity officer often reviews race reports from host clubs, processes photos (usually from Caz/Sailpics) and writes (or delegates) reports/build up for our Championship events.
With the assistance of the other committee members the publicity officer would be one of the principal contacts for any sponsors we have through the year.

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