2016 Nationals update

We have reached the 'Magic 100' in entries!!!!!

The Association Committee thanks everyone for their efforts in boosting numbers for our 20th year event.   We set this target at our AGM in September, thinking it was maybe just possible ... but we achieved it with 8 months to go.

It just goes to show what a great boat and Class we have. With 67 boats racing in Paignton in 2015, who knows, maybe we might even get close to twice that number by next July. There are still more entries in the pipeline.

The first 100 entries will have paid £40 each for 3 days of superb racing next July.  

  • The Hartley Boats discount only applied to the first 100 boats - if you enter now you will be most welcome but the entry fee reverts to £80 up to 1 March then £95 thereafter (the Class Association is discounting the entry).

We will be working to arrange for the refunds to be paid to entries in the 'second deal' i.e. entries 51 to 100.

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