2016 Nationals Update


That’s the only word that describes the take up for the 2016 Nationals in Llandudno so far.  We reached 50 boats within a couple of hours of the website going live - something which took everyone by surprise including the Committee. We had a few technical glitches with payments – happily all sorted now.

The initial ticket release was made possible by an unbelievable offer from Hartley Boats - they promised to give us £40 for the first 50 boats who entered by the end of October. The purpose of this was not to encourage new members or favour anyone in particular.  The offer was released to the Web, Facebook and a Membership email on the same day.

The purpose of this offer was to allow us to hit the ground running with entries - something it certainly achieved!

As you may be aware, we have set ourselves the massive target of 100 boats on the start line at Llandudno, as this will be our 20th year. As we had 67 at Paignton this year, this is a BIG increase, but we think we can do it.

Getting to the ‘magic 100’

In getting to 100 boats we need everyone to pull together.  The Association is doing what we can and we are devoting several thousand pounds to giving spot prizes to lure in the undecided.  We haven’t quite decided the prizes yet but there will be some great ones.

  • We want to entice Class members who haven’t come to any Nationals before - encouraging new faces is key to the long term growth of our Class.
  • We want to encourage those with older boats to attend – a great selection of prizes just for Mark 1 boats.
  • We want to look after our loyal members who regularly support our Nationals – more prizes for boats who attended the Nationals event in 2015.

So how do we get more entries from the 50 or so we are at now?

We received some member feedback (thank you to those who gave us comments) following the initial 50 discounted entry and thought a bit about how we can go forward so it is fair to all.  Hartley Boats have very generously agreed to support another round of subsidised tickets up to October 31st this year.

We are really grateful to Mark Hartley and the team for their support. If it wasn't for their commitment to our class we wouldn't be where we are today.

The true cost of the Nationals is about £100 per boat. The Association is putting in about £20 of subsidy by way of an early bird offer of £80 per ticket until 1 March next year. We also have some amazing sponsorship from Zhik who will provide the main event prizes.

The next entry offer:

Quite simply – the closer we get to 100, the cheaper the tickets will be!

The new offer only applies for those entering on top of the initial 50 and has a maximum of a further 50 – up to 100 entries in total.

All boats entering from now until midnight on 31 October will pay £80. At the start of November we will add up how many entries there are over 50 (up to a maximum of a further 50) and give those additional entries a refund back of part of their entry fee based on the criteria below :

  • If we get a further 50  boats then the refund will be £40 meaning all 100 boats will have paid just £40 entry;
  • If we get a further 40 to 49  boats the refund will be £30;
  • If we get a further 30 to 39 boats the refund will be £20;
  • If we get a further 20 to 29 boats the refund will be £10;
  • If we get a further 0 to 19 boats there would be no refund.

We are really hoping these brilliant offers will be enough for the undecided to attend just for this one year.

What can you do?

The entry fee should come down as more boats enter. So you need to speak to all of the Supernova sailors in your club and get them to sign up. Don't forget to mention the other great reasons to sign up described above (discounted price, great spot prizes etc).

Some of your colleagues won’t be Class Association members, so for them we are going to give them complimentary (free) Association membership for the whole of next year so they can sign up for the Nationals under this new offer (so only the boats above 50, up to 100, and entries to 31 October). However they cannot be a current or past member. Anyone joining the Class for the first time will need to pay the £15 membership now, and we will adjust through the refunds.

Try and explain to them the benefit of being in the Class (friendly and helpful Class, free training days, access to events, special sail deal from Hartley’s). This should encourage Supernova sailors who aren't Association members to sign up.

Remember this only applies for entries received by midnight on 31 October so get spreading the word now.

Anniversary dinner

We already have around 50 - 60 people signed up for the dinner, so it certainly is not one to miss. The room limit is over 100 so there are still plenty of places left.

If you did not sign up for the meal when you entered then we will need to sort this manually with a cheque. Please email chairman@supernovadinghy.org if you are in this position.

If you are coming then great news!  We need to collect meal choices and it will make our lives much easier If you could do this sooner rather than later.  The food choices have been repeated below. Please email the chairman your choices using the email address above.

  • Starter A - Poached Salmon served with Horseradish Coleslaw, Cucumber Dressing
    Starter B - (v) Roasted Vegetable Soup, Herb Croutons
  • Main A - Roast Sirloin of Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, Thyme Roast Potatoes, Red Wine Jus
    Main B- (v) Mushroom and Welsh Brie Risotto
    Main C -Breast of Chicken wrapped in Smoked Bacon, Pine Nut Stuffing, Port Wine Jus
  • Dessert A -Eton Mess with Fresh Raspberries
    Dessert B - Milk chocolate tart, white chocolate sauce

Finally …

I hope you agree this is a great offer to get those Nationals entries rolling in. There is a deadline (31st October) and if you want a discount then make sure you are in the first 100!

If you have any further queries or comments please let us know (there will be news on Motorhomes and Campers coming as soon as we hear from Llandudno Sailiing Club).

Thanks for reading and please spread the word to your fellow Supernova sailors.

The Supernova Class Association Committee

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