Association statement

As an Association we encourage our members to refine and improve our boat to enhance the sailing experience for all Supernova sailors.  The past innovations have in some cases been very positive, such as adjustable forestays.

Some of you may be aware of a development that a few sailors have been trying this year with adjustable shrouds.  After a lot of consideration by the Committee, Hartley Boats, and the sailors concerned, the Committee has decided to enact class rule 3.3 to ban the use of adjustable shrouds ("Rule 3.3: The Class Association Committee may decide to outlaw, at any time items that, while apparently permitted under the rules it deems detrimental to the class."). 

This decision has not been taken lightly, especially so close to the biggest event we have ever held.  The decision has been heavily based on comments from the Hartleys about potential structural issues to the hull and the fact that adjustable shrouds may be too complex for the majority of our members, making them detrimental.  There are also some concerns within the Committee that this may lead to "one string" raking systems, which is not the intended direction of the Supernova.

It is felt this is the right approach to encourage fair sailing throughout the fleet in the immediate future, whilst still encouraging the discussion at a later date.  In particular, we understand the members who have been trialing this will be raising this for further discussion at the AGM, where we can explore such development further with them and with the Hartley team.

As a result of the Committee decision, the use of adjustable shrouds is not permitted under Rule 3.3, with immediate effect and until further notice.  Adjustment of shrouds while not racing (e.g. on the shore or between actual races on the water) using fastpins or other similar adjusters is permitted.

The Class Rules will be updated in the coming days to reflect this decision.

Please let one of the Committee know if you have any questions or concerns.

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