Travellers Trophy


Cotswold SC Noble Marine Supernova Open

A record turnout for a travellers event of 40 boats arrived at Cotswold SC for the Noble Marine Travellers event. RO Dave Bevan, laid a nice course in the shift 12 knot Easterly.

Race one, the port end was the place to start, with the top 3 all coming from that end. Pakes, Milliner and Hand swapped places for the first lap. Pakes lead for all but the last lap, then Milliner pulled through for the win, with Pakes, Hand, and Presley in 4th

After a wonderful soup, chilli and nachos for lunch in the packed club house, the fleet headed out for 2 back to back races.

Race two, was a squarer line, but the leaders again came from the port end. With a 4 way battle for the bottom mark, it was Hand, Pakes, Young who got away. Milliner pulled through to second and pressed Hand right to the Finnish line, losing out by a half a length. Pakes and Young had a similar battle, for 3rd and 4th. The lake was great sight full of 40 Supernovas streaming around the course.

Race Three, Milliner and Hand fought hard for the first mark, and Milliner covered Hand around the first 3 laps to ensure he took the win from Hand. A spectacular mid line pile of the home CSC contingent after Young and Horlock got entangled at the start up meant a big gap for Pakes and Presley in 3rd and 4th, with the rest of the fleet fighting hard further back.

The prize giving followed a wonderful array of Cakes in the club house. All in all another Great open for the Supernova class going from strength to strength.

Location: Cotswold

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