Class Training Day

A special Sea Racing training day has been organised to provide a boost to those special skills needed to improve performance in the Sea Champs and Nationals. A must for every Supernova sailor, but perhaps especially good for the inland pot sailors!

See Sea Champs event for camping details etc. Contact John Walpole for early arrival details:

Outline Itinerary: (Based on high tides for the day)

1000 Club open for arrivals on the day and setting up.

1100 Start for shore based session.

1200 Lunch

1300 Launch for on the water training session.

Possible subjects for the sessions:

  • Sea sailing setup e.g. A bit more power less pointing.
  • Sailing in Waves upwind / reaching/ downwind.
  • Tide at start and marks, how to find slack /stronger tide.
  • How tide affect strategy.

Location: Exmouth SC

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