Noble Marine Travellers Trophy (TT)

The Traveller Series overall results for 2019 are now published.

Well done to Gavin Young (Cotswold SC) who has beaten off all the competition convincingly to take the top spot in 2019.

Garry Buttefield (Bartley SC), last years Champion, has held on to a well earned 2nd place, and Bolton SC sailor, Tony Critchley has taken third place on the podium, pushing 'nearly every event attendee' Tony Bleasdale (Girton SC) into 4th.

It has been a fantastic year with good competition from many of our Supernova club fleets.

Next year the emphasis is on fewer but bigger events, so we hope to see even more Supernova sailors on the Noble Marine Traveller circuit in 2020.

Many thanks to the engagement of some of our existing and, new to the class, top flight sailors, the Noble Marine Traveller Series is gaining recognition as a high quality, prestigious Championship of growing significance.

The Events Calendar 2020 is almost complete, and the exciting program, which includes a Sea Championship at Exe SC with sea sailing coaching, will be published in the very near future.


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