Noble Marine Travellers Trophy (TT)

In 2019 Girton SC hosts the last open before the Inlands.

Like many of the historic X-gravel pit venues, it offers interesting 'around the island' challenges, although at 90 acres (60 sailable) it is by no means a restricted water.

Those arriving on Friday evening are welcome to join in with the Friday night pursuit racing (7pm start) and also enjoy free camping, take advantage of club bar prices and hopefully enjoy a legendary Girton SC sunset.

Breakfast and Lunch are available on Saturday.

Any sailors wanting to stay on for the Sunday Pursuit race are welcome to do so.

Girton SC sailors are active on the Supenova Traveller Circuit and attend many of the other Supernova events and so have well established friendships with members of other Supenova travelling club sailors, which usually results in a good turnout and  competative racing. 

A warm welcome is guaranteed.

For enquiries please contact Tony Bleasdale at [email protected] or 07950 255747.





Considering the very wet weather forecast the turnout of 13 boats at the Noble Marine Traveller Series event at Girton SC, including 8 visitors was as good as could be expected. The breeze was a shifty 10-18 mph North Westerly, broken up by the islands and bank tree cover familiar to the pot sailors in the fleet.


RO Alan Bishop, an accomplished Solo Traveller himself, set a good course taking advantage of the available wind and everyone got away cleanly for the first. The line bias was even, so it was negotiating the shifts that paid at the top mark, Paul Undrell led the way from Girton sailor Tony Bleasdale and Dana Church close behind. Garry Butterfield was sailing fast but not always in the right direction.

The drizzle turned into steady rain soaking the competitors and officials relentlessly. Paul and Tony managed to break away and duelled for the whole race, changing the lead several times around the course. The RO shortened the course at the right time with Tony just sneaking through on the last beat to take the line from, Paul in a very close second, Dana lead the rest to take third, then Garry in fourth.


After the welcome Girton SC lunch and a change of sailing clothes for those who had it, the sailors went back out into a still shifty and strengthening breeze; thankfully the rain had abated for now.


Race 2 saw Eddie Johnson leading the fleet in his new Mk2, with Garry chasing in second and Tony Bleasdale close behind. At the first run Eddie found the new boat learning curve too steep and a break away duel ensued between Garry and Tony. Garry reeled Tony in on the final run making up 40 metres by choosing the right side and then held on to take the win with Tony in second. Marcus Shaw from Girton SC had broken through in mk1 706 borrowed from Eddie Johnson to take third.


So the third race was to be the decider, with the breeze holding up whilst the drizzle had started up again. The wind direction had swung, creating a good slice of port bias at the gun, and one or two tried a port flyer! This time Garry, Dana and Paul got away cleanly, with Tony buried in the fleet. The three leaders broke away and had their own race with many place changes on the way. The rest of the fleet were close to reeling them in on the last lap, but the trio found pressure and blasted away once more with Garry making the best of it to take the final bullet, Dana pulling through second holding off Paul in third. The rain had increased again by the time the fleet finished.


Overall results:

Garry Butterfield took the overall win, Tony Bleasdale second, Dana Church in 3rd and Paul Undrell pushed into 4th on countback.

Marcus Shaw was first Mk1 in 5th position.

Amie King was first lady in 8th













Report by Tony Bleasdale

Location: Girton SC

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