Craftinsure Traveller Combined Event (Northern and Southern) Series Open 2023

The first Craftinsure combined Traveller Series Event of 2023 (In both the North and South Series) is at one of the core class clubs, Bartley SC.

Bartley SC hosts one of the largest fleets of the Supernova Class and both the Northern and Southern Traveller Series Champions 2022 are based here, so the turnouts and competion are always top drawer.

The large water allows classic courses and the club is very accessible from the M5 and M42.

The club also has excellent galley and club house facilities.

The gates will be open from 9am on SUNDAY 26th March, Briefing at 10:30am, first race 11am.

Full details are in the NOR below.

Note the club requests entry in advance to assist in catering arrangements etc. at


Craftinsure Supernova Traveller Series at Bartley Sailing Club

photo © Helen Pennock

It was a wet and cold start to the day, but Bartley was pleased to welcome 30 helms from across the country to this ever popular open meeting. Could any of them beat the local fleet of Supernovas - the current holders of the national team prize?

After a hearty breakfast bap, the weather had dried up which no doubt pleased race officer Elliot Rose who was out setting an excellent course with a good mix of beats, runs and reaches. The gusty F4 wind down the lake would definitely test the hiking abilities of the competitors.

Race 1

The Cotswold crowd, Milliner, Gifford and Reeve got away strongly, but local boat Eeles had a flying start and kept the pressure on. Gifford and Milliner pulled away to create an unassailable gap. Reeve and Eeles were caught by Flitcroft who had quietly worked his way through the fleet.

In the heat of the battle Eeles capsized which allowed Reeve and Hanson through.

In the end it was Milliner who won the race followed by Gifford, Reeve, Hanson and Flitcroft.

Race 2

Gifford and Milliner got clear away again leaving a hard fought battle for third place with places being changed regularly. Eeles looked likely to take third, but the Hawley brothers came through with Eeles just holding off Higson who had been chasing hard the whole way through.

Milliner took first again despite significant pressure from Gifford who was second, next was C Hawley, S Hawley, Reeve and Flitcroft.

photo © Helen Pennock

Race 3

Gifford took a massive lead off the line and it looked like no one would be able to challenge him, however you should never say never and Milliner worked his way towards the front (yet again!). For the third time of the day, Gifford and Milliner disappeared over the horizon and the battle for third heated up.

It was Hanson who established a solid position in third, with Church (who was having a fantastic race) holding fourth for the majority of the time. Higson, Reeve and S Hawley were working hard and the pressure was on.

Milliner took his third bullet of the day followed by Gifford with his third second, then came Hanson, S Hawley, Reeve and Higson.

Overall, Milliner took the overall win with three firsts, but this doesn't reflect the dog fight with Gifford across the whole day which could easily have seen a different outcome.

photo © Helen Pennock

In the end it was domination from the visiting Cotswold helms who all showed excellent boat speed with them taking the top four places. S Hawley being the first home boat in fifth.

The closeness of the racing at the front of the fleet was echoed all the way through the 30 competitors. Everyone had a dogfight of sorts and there were some big smiles indicating a thoroughly great day sailing in this very friendly fleet.

Thanks to Elliot Rose and the race management team for making the event a success and to all the visitors who supported the event and the Craftinsure Travellers events over the year.

Many thanks to Bartley and the team - events like this don't run themselves.

photo © Helen Pennock

The results were a clean sweep triumph for Cotswold SC: Cliff Milliner 1st; Will Gifford 2nd; Hugo Hanson 3rd.

photo © Helen Pennock

Report by Steve Hawley


Location: Bartley SC

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