Setting up

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The following covers basic setting up of the Supernova. Originally written some years ago by Richard Pakes, it has been updated more recently by Cliff Milliner to include alternative mast rake settings.

Mast Position Distance from forestay ring to from of mast should be 1120mm. Note that this may not be attainable on all Giles built boats as the foot plate position may vary a bit between boats.

LIGHTJust tensionedJust tensionedJust tensioned
MEDIUMGently onGently onGently on
HEAVYPulled very hardPulled hardMedium on
MEDIUMOff until overpoweredOff until overpoweredOff
HEAVYOn tightOnOff
LIGHTFully down1/3rd up1/2th up
MEDIUMFully down1/3rd up1/2th up
HEAVYFully down unless overpowered then 1/3rd up1/3rd up1/3rd up
FORESTAY ADJUSTER (Raked Rig used by National champions in 2009,2010,2012)
LIGHTMast upright 6010mmMast upright 6010mmMast upright 6010mm
MEDIUMRaked to 5930mmMast upright 6010mmMast upright 6010mm
HEAVYRaked to 5830mmRaked to 5830mmRaked to 5830mm
FORESTAY ADJUSTER (Upright Rig used by National champions in 2011,2013,2014)
LIGHTMast upright 6075mmMast upright 6075mmRaked to 6000mm
MEDIUMRaked to 6050mmRaked to 6050mmRaked to 6000mm
HEAVYRaked to 6000mmRaked to 6000mmRaked to 6000mm