2020 Notice of AGM

Supernova Association AGM Saturday 5th September 2020  
The  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Supernova Class Association will take place on Saturday 5th September 2020 at either:  
  • Burton sailing club, Foremark Reservoir, Repton Road, Milton, Repton, Derby, DE65 6EG (after racing, but no earlier than 5:30pm, OR
  • By online video conference, details TBC, at 5.30pm
 Any items for AoB (Any other Business) should be notified to the Secretary (email Secretary@supernovadinghy.org) no later than midnight on Friday 28th August 2020.  In the event that no items for AOB (Any other Business) have been received, items not on the agenda may be brought up at the meeting and discussed at the Chairman’s discretion.  However, it is unlikely that any voting on them would take place due to inadequate time for proper consideration.   The minutes for the 2019 AGM are available for download on the Supernova Association Website (Association section - AGM).  You need to be logged in to the website to access the minutes.

AGENDA Annual General Meeting 2020
  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the 2019 AGM
  3. Matters Arising (none)
  4. Event Co-ordinator’s report
  5. Treasurer's Report
    • Appointment of auditor
    • 2021 membership fees
  6. Technical Advisor’s Report
    • Update from Builder
  7. Chairman’s Report
  8. Secretary’s Report
    • Reaffirming Honorary members
  9. Election of Committee Members and Volunteers
  10. Any Other Business
    • Association loan boat (Chris Hawley to lead)
Election of Committee Members and Volunteers (2020 role in parentheses)  
Chairman (Chris Hawley), Secretary (Pete Bingham), Treasurer (Ian Casewell), Event Coordinator (Tony Bleasdale), Technical Advisor (Gavin Young).  
  • We will be electing the 5 core Committee roles for the coming year.
  • The Chairman is standing down at the AGM.
  • All other existing Committee members are willing to continue for a further year.
  • However, nominations are openly invited if anyone would like to take on any Committee role.
The roles of Publicity Officer (vacancy), Website Manager (Gary Cottam), Nationals Coordinator (Paul Undrell), Nationals Coordinator Support (Steve Hawley) and Fleet Manager and Trophy Manager (Tom Baldwin) are non Committee roles.    
  • As noted, Paul Undrell will rotate from the Nationals Coordinator, with Steve Hawley taking on that role for 2021.
  • No changes are required in respect of Website Manager, Fleet Manager or Trophy Manager
  • Nominations are required for the volunteer roles of Publicity Officer and National Coordinator support.
 A summary of the roles requiring nominations is shown below.  
A prior nomination has been received for the role of Chairman.  
Any member wishing to nominate a person for election as an Officer or Committee Member should note that the nomination requires seconding by another member and signing by the nominee in order to be valid, but due to the far flung nature of the class we will permit seconding and Nominees signature to be taken on the day.   A form for Committee nominations is attached in Appendix 1, which should be returned to Pete Bingham by midnight on 28th August 2020 by email (email secretary@supernovadinghy.org).
  SUPERNOVA CLASS COMMITTEE - Summary of Roles required:  
Chairman (Committee role)   The Chairman is the external face of the Association, and should have great passion for the Supernova and the Association.  The Chairman should be outward thinking and provide strategic direction for the Association.   Key roles include being responsible for ensuring the Committee and other roles work effectively and for the benefit of the Association Members and encouraging new members.   The Chairman is also the main contact with Hartley Boats regarding potential variations to the Supernova and supporting items.  They should obtain feedback from members and resolve member queries to ensure that the Association is meeting the objectives as described within the Association Constitution.   The Chairman will periodically review the Association Website and update as required (for example updating the news section).   The Chairman will host General meetings as well as the prize giving at championship events.  Finally the Chairman has special requirements under the Class Constitution and Rules – for example classifying a change as major or minor.  
Publicity Officer (non Committee role)   The publicity officer needs to be someone who is motivated to improve the external image of the Supernova.   The key roles include updating Facebook, the Association Website and being the channel of information going to Yachts and Yachting - making sure our sponsors get the credit they deserve.  The publicity officer often reviews race reports from host clubs, processes photos and writes (or delegates) reports/build up for our Championship events.  The publicity officer “owns” the Association You Tube channel and photo/media collection.   With the assistance of the Committee members (principally the Chairman) the publicity officer would be one of the principal contacts for any sponsors we have through the year.  
Nationals Co-ordinator (non Committee role)   The nationals organiser needs to be someone who is exceptionally well organised and has a huge amount of energy and passion for the event.  Once the venue has been booked they will be the main contact with the host club to organise all of the event logistics.  They will also be responsible for the prizes, entry items (e.g. t-shirts) and social events during the nationals.
The intention is that this role runs for 2 or 3 years, with overlap – i.e. one year you support the nationals organiser then the following year you lead with a trainee if appropriate. 
For this year support is required for the 2021 nationals (this is well advanced).

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