How The Loan Works...

It is completely free to borrow 1031, all that we ask is that you're a member of the Class Association. This is £15.00 for the year, if you're not a member you can sign up here.

The loan period is in blocks of 3 weeks and is scheduled to coincide with our Craftinsure Travellers Events should you wish to take part whilst you have the boat. Loans over our Championship events will be assigned at the Committee's discretion to those who have expressed an interest by the dates indicated on the "How to Book" tab. The loan will begin and end from the boat's base at Cotswold Sailing Club ( - as the lender you'll have to collect and return her to base. 

We're more than happy should a friend at your club wish to sail the boat for a race/afternoon but you'll remain responsible for the boat throughout the duration of the loan.

The boat and its inventory are the property of the Supernova Class Association. The boat is fully insured but in your care, you are responsible for the boat, the inventory and the excess on the insurance should anything go wrong. We kindly ask that you look after the boat like it was your own so that other members can benefit from her. If there are any breakages please ensure you contact the Association, any small breakages we ask that you fix yourself.

Most importantly enjoy 1031 and have fun! 

1031 Inventory

1031 comes with everything you'll need to get on the water, all you need to bring is a lighting board and a tow vehicle!

  • Jeckells Full Sail (White)
  • Jeckells Full Sail (Black) - Championship & Open events only
  • Jeckells Small Sail
  • Foils and Foil Bag
  • Combi trolley & Trailer
  • Tow Hitch Lock
  • Top & Under Covers
  • Tie Down Strap & Mast Support
  • Mini Hawk