Supernova Dinghy Gold Fleet

The Supernova Association maintains a Gold fleet. This list last updated November 2022

The criteria for eligibility for Gold fleet are any of the following:  

  • Gaining first place in a National Championship (Gold in perpetuity)   

During any of the last two complete seasons:

  • Score above 80 performance points (see explanation below) in the Traveller's Northern or Southern Open Series and qualifying by completing at least one third of the series races, or
  • Placed in the top 20% in a Class Championship event, i.e. Nationals, Inlands, Sea, Winters (based on number of sailors, not entries, and rounded down), or
  • Silver Fleet winner at a Class Championship event.

In addition, Gold fleet sailors must be members of the Class Association.

Explanation of '80 Performance Points' applied to the Traveller's Open Series:

The Traveller's Open series uses High Point Scoring (HPS) - an explanation is here as a PDF. Your Total series score (not Net which has discards) is divided by the number of races you actually finished in. Do not include DNC or DNS. This number is a measure of your average sailing ability against the fleet for races you completed as points out of 100. An 'average' sailor will be around 50 points and Gold-ability sailors above 80. In addition, you need to finish in more than one third of the series races to qualify.

You can nominate yourself for Bronze fleet (and win a prize) at any event if you feel you are 25 points or less.

The discretion of the Committee can also be applied to any individual at (or at any point during) an event. This discretion is intended to prevent a "ringer" from another class from entering an event and winning the Silver fleet, which would negate the one of the reasons why the Association provides a Silver fleet. A similar principle applies to Bronze.


If you are not in the Gold fleet then you will be allocated Silver fleet, unless you nominate yourself for Bronze.

Cliff MillinerFormer national championGold in perpetuity
Alex HorlockFormer national championGold in perpetuity
Richard PakesFormer national championGold in perpetuity
Mike GibsonFormer national championGold in perpetuity
Iain HorlockFormer national championGold in perpetuity
Mark HartleyFormer national championGold in perpetuity
Norman HalsteadFormer national championGold in perpetuity
Sam KnightFormer national championGold in perpetuity
Alistair GoodwinFormer national championGold in perpetuity
Matt ThursfieldCurrent national championGold in perpetuity
Steve HawleyNationals 2022 top 20% 
Mark PlattNationals 2022 top 20% 
Gavin YoungNationals 2022 top 20% 
Will GiffordNationals 2022 top 20% 
Eden HylandNationals 2022 top 20% 
Iain WilsonNationals 2022 top 20% 
Jonny EverettNationals 2022 top 20% 
Ian HowettNationals 2022 top 20% 
Richard LambertNationals 2022 top 20% 
Andrew FlitcroftNationals 2022 top 20% 
Sean RickettsNationals 2022 top 20% 
John KnightNationals 2022 top 20% 
Mike CritchleyNationals 2022 top 20% 
Jeremy HigsonInlands 2022 top 20% 
Alex ReeveInlands 2022 top 20% 
Tony CritchleyInlands 2022 top 20% 
Pete CoopNorthern Series 2022 > 80 
Paul UndrellNorthern Series 2022 > 80 
Chris HawleySouthern series 2022 > 80 
Andy BownesNationals 2021 top 20% 
Sam PickeringNationals 2021 top 20% 
Robin KirbyNationals 2021 top 20% 
Will WillettNationals 2021 top 20% 
Chris WilliamsNationals 2021 top 20% 
Matt WilliamsNationals 2021 top 20% 
Garry ButterfieldNationals 2021 top 20% 
Chris BownesNationals 2021 top 20% 


Former national champions in any class are automatically in Gold Fleet by Chairman discretion.