Catering & Friday Social Update

Update - 23rd June 2021

This note this an addendum to the virtual briefing on the final position relating to the onsite catering arrangements and specifically the Friday evening arrangements.

We are all aware that the current restrictions limit food and drink to table service only and organised groups must not 30 and smaller groups of 6. Mount Batten centre has been battling to find a solution to allow us to have a low-key social event. Through everyone’s best efforts this has proved impossible to find a solution, this is no one fault and must follow the national guidance. As such and with great regret we are unable to host a class social event and our intended Friday programme is cancelled.

This means that you will need to make your own arrangements for food and drink on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

The restaurant at Mount Batten will be open, but they can only have a limited number of covers. This also means that the bar will only be able to serve soft drinks unless you are eating. They will be operating on a first come first served basis and you cannot book in advance.

If you have booked accommodation at Mount Batten you will still receive breakfasts, and should you use the Mount Batten restaurant it will you a private arrangement for yourselves not arranged through the class association.

You are allowed to order a takeaway on the Mount Batten site from other establishments, and there is a space to site looking out over the coastal path, however, we ask that you do not congregate in large groups and adhere to the government guidance at all times.   

We are fortunate that Plymouth is a large city and has a lot of eating establishments, but if you may need to book and the weekend may be busier so, please research and book as you need.

There is a ferry from Mount Batten to the Barbican which you may find helpful and a link to the website is provided here. Mount Batten Ferry

Whilst this is not the situation that we wanted this is out of our control, however, I hope that providing you with this clarification will allow you to make alternative arrangements.