Supernova Dinghy Bronze Fleet

The Supernova Association operates a Bronze Fleet at Championship events organised by the Association. For travellers events host clubs may choose operate a bronze fleet if there are sufficient entries.

The purpose of the Bronze Fleet is to encourage participation of sailors at all levels, noting the current size of the fleet. If participation at a particular Championship event is low such that a Bronze fleet is not required then the fleet coordinator or the Committee can withdraw the Bronze Fleet category for that event with no prior notice to competitors.

The approach outlined below will be reviewed from time to time reflecting feedback from members.

Fleet Coordinator and Committee - January 2019


Criteria for Bronze Fleet entry

  1. At registration there will be a facility for any competitor can register themselves in the Bronze Fleet
  2. At a convenient point after registrations are complete the fleet coordinator, following discussion with any Committee member, or any Committee member will remove from the Bronze Fleet entry for any competitor deemed to be capable of finishing in the top 75% of the fleet. This decision will be final and no debate will be entered into. Any competitor so disqualified from the Bronze Fleet will complete the event as part of the Silver or Gold fleet in the normal way


Winning the Bronze Fleet 


  1. A cut off point will be set at 75% of the total entries; no competitor finishing in the top 75% of the fleet will be eligible for a Bronze Fleet prize even if they declared themselves to be in the Bronze Fleet and were not disqualified from it at the start of the event. E.G. If there are 100 entries only competitors finishing 76th or below can win a Bronze Fleet prize.
  2. The winner of the Bronze Fleet will be the highest finishing competitor in the bottom 25% of the fleet who declared themselves to be in the Bronze Fleet. Other Bronze Fleet prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the Committee.
  3. Winning the Bronze Fleet will not necessarily disqualify a competitor from the Bronze Fleet at future championships.