NEW - Supernova Class Rules V4.0

April 2018 - the Updated Class Rules (v4.0) can be downloaded here . This is intended to supersede the existing version once voted in at the EGM (6 July 2018, Plas Heli, 5pm).  These reflect comments from Hartley Boats.

Please submit any comments to the Chairman by 31 May 2018.

Supernova Class Rules Version 2.9 Sept 2017

Download here


1.     Introduction

1.1. The Supernova is a strict One-Design hull single-handed hiking dinghy designed by Mark Giles to promote close competitive racing. It was designed using the fundamental principle that the racing results should depend solely on the attributes and skills of the crew.

1.2. The Supernova was originally built by Mark Giles (Sail Nos: 357 – 582). It is now built exclusively by Hartley Boats who have re-developed the internal layout (The Supernova MKII, Sail Nos 1000 - ) to enhance comfort and modernise the boat. The construction of the boat has also been modernised and the core hull is now (Sail Nos: 1033 - )built using epoxy.

2.     One Design nature of the Class

2.1. To be a Supernova, the boat and its “Major components” (see section 5) must comply with the Class Rules.

2.2. All major components are strict one design, originating from the builder, who may themselves utilise components providers from other suppliers for some parts.

2.3. The builder may from time to time have to vary the specification of the major components. Should this be necessary this is done in consultation with the Class Association.

2.4. Any alteration to the major components as supplied by the builder shall be prohibited, except as specifically authorised by these rules.

2.5. Alterations can be made to any component that is not listed as Major.

3.     Application of the Class Rules

3.1. The Class Rules may be amended periodically by the Supernova Class Association in consultation with the Builder.

3.2. Interpretations of the Class Rules shall be made by the Class Association Committee. Interpretations made by the Committee shall rank as Class rules until superseded by a Class Rule change. All interpretations shall be published as soon as is practical.

3.3. The Class Association Committee may decide to outlaw, at any time items that, while apparently permitted under the rules it deems detrimental to the class. This might be due to the cost to other owners to “keep up”, or to prevent unfair advantage. Please see Appendix 1 for rulings implemented under this clause. (This clause is used carefully , as it not the intention to prevent minor developments which might increase speed/comfort, provided that costs are low enough to permit other owners to follow.)

4.     Class Association membership

4.1. To be eligible to race in Class Traveller events, the helm shall be a member of the Supernova Class Association or be an existing member of the club at which the event is being held.

4.2. To be eligible to race in Class National events, the helm shall be a member of the Supernova Class Association.

4.3.  Only members of the Supernova Class Association have their individual race results count towards the Supernova Travellers series.

5.     Major Components

5.1. The Major Components and permitted alterations are defined below.

5.2. Hull

5.2.1. Length (LOA)                                                                         4.39m

5.2.2. Beam (Max)                                                                            1.48m

5.2.3. Hull weight. Including deck fittings as supplied by the builder.    Excluding rigging and control lines.              Min                                                                        50kg

5.2.4. The addition of rubbing strips or packing to the centreboard case is permitted.

5.2.5. Alterations, addition of, or changes to any deck fitting are permitted.

5.2.6. A Mast ramp maybe fitted to hulls without an incorporated moulded mast ramp.              Max Height at any point                                                                12mm

5.2.7. The transom drainage hole in a Mark 1 can be increased in size to a maximum of 50mm in diameter.  No changes are permitted to the setup of the drainage system and the drainage must be via one hole

5.3. Centerboard

5.3.1. Changing the centreboard handle is permitted.

5.4. Rudder and Stock

5.4.1.  Moving the Rudder pivot point is permitted.

5.4.2. Adding padding between the rudder blade and Stock to achieve a tight fit is permitted.

5.5. Mast                                                                                                                     

5.5.1. Make                                                                                         Superspars M7

5.5.2. Height                                                                                       5.60m +-2cm

5.5.3. Adjustable shrouds are not permitted

5.6. Boom                                                                                   

5.6.1. Make                                                                                         Superspars B1

5.7. Sail, full or small, excluding battens.

5.7.1. Full area    (Measured)                                                        8sq.m.

5.7.2. Small area                                                                                                Less than 8sq m.

5.7.3.  Only sails supplied by a Builder in 5.7.7 will be eligible for use in Travellers Series races and Championship races. 

5.7.4.  Only Small sails supplied by a Builder in 5.7.7 can be used in Travellers Series races and Championship races. 

5.7.5.  Competitors using the normal sail as outlined in 5.7.1 cannot change their sail to a sail of the same size from a different supplier during a championship regatta, without prior consent from the Committee. This does not stop changing to or from a small sail if required.

5.7.6.  New Full and Small sails purchased must be from a Current Supplier in 5.7.7

5.7.7.  Approved Sail Suppliers

Banks: Legacy

Hyde: Legacy

Hartley Laminates (Jeckells): Current Suppler

Hartley Boats (Jeckells): Current Suppler

5.7.8.  Any modifications to a sail’s shape, size, batten pockets or stitching is not allowed              Reinforcement, wear patches and repairs that do not affect the original shape or deviate the sail design is allowed

6.     Repair

6.1. Repairs shall be permitted to damaged Major components provided that such repairs do not alter the shape or characteristics so that performance is, or may be, beneficially affected.

7.     Racing

7.1. One person only shall be in the boat when racing unless otherwise provided in the Notice of Race.

7.2. The Small sail may be used as an alternative to the Full size at any time and still race as a Supernova. The PN (Portsmouth Number or other handicap number) of the Supernova with Small sail will be the same as that for the Supernova with Full size sails, except where specifically differentiated in Club racing by an assigned Club handicap number (CN).

7.3. The use of Compasses, including electronic ones is permitted.

7.4. The use of Electronic speed, wind direction, position locating devices is prohibited.

7.5. All methods of extending or supporting the helms’ weight outboard other than standard “hiking” with toe straps are prohibited. This includes all accessories which allow weight to be projected further outboard such as trapezes, sliding seats, weight jackets, drinks carriers etc.

7.6. The use of additional ballast of any form is prohibited - See also RRS restrictions

7.7. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that his/her boat and equipment complies with the Class Rules and relevant International Yacht Racing Rules at all times when racing

7.8. Advertising is permitted in accordance with the ISAF Advertising Code Category C. For Class

7.9. National events (including all Championship events) the registered number of the Supernova shall be displayed on the sail(s) used during the event

7.9.1. Sail numbers must be black or on Hyde sails, blue sail numbers as originally supplied

7.9.2. Special coloured sail numbers may be awarded by the Committee from time to time

7.9.3. Exceptions may be granted when a temporary sail is being used to replace a damaged sail during an event or when explicit consent has been provided by the Committee in advance of the event

8.     Other measurements of interest

Components or measurements defined below are not defined as class rules, but are added for completeness and interest. This section can be freely updated by the committee at any time.

8.1. Max Carrying capacity                                                    180Kg

8.2. Height rigged on water                                                  5.95m

8.3. Draft with dagger board up (nominal)                     0.15m

8.4. Draft with dagger board down (nominal)              1.00m

8.5. Supernova MKI Giles Sail No 300 - 582

8.6. Supernova MKI Hartley Sail No 583 - 723

8.7. Supernova MKII Hartley Sail No 1000 - 1032

8.8. Supernova MKII Epoxy Hartley Sail No 1033 –

8.9. Aug 2017. New sail cloth for Full sail, and new small sail design

Appendix 1

Rule implementations of clause 3.3


Effective ruling date






Superseded by AR2

Introduction of a temporary ban on adjustable shrouds pending further discussion at the AGM. 

Adjustment of shrouds while not racing (e.g. on the shore or between actual races on the water) using fastpins or other similar adjusters is permitted.





(see 2016 AGM minutes for more detail) Full ban of adjustable shrouds, with a committee review in 2018/19